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Know Why Fax Machines do exist still!


It might be a surprise for few of us and somewhat shocking to others to know that the old technology of faxing still exists! In many offices and homes, people have these machines yet. With so many technological evolutions and many old gadgets being completely replaced by newer ones, fax machine still existing is surely a surprising info. Just like how our regular phones have been changed for ‘smart’ ones, which again have replaced many of our gadgets. The computer again has replaced many gadgets, now tablets are replacing computers and the list is quite endless when we start talking about our daily replacements that have happened over the years.


So, what makes this fax machine an important office tool even in this decade, where technology is skyrocketing? What's the reason for this?Read further to find out.There are many names in the market today, which might confuse the consumer. There are many ways to send a fax online too, but what's best for today's scenario and what was before, we shall cover them all below. When we talk about communicating technologies, fax service, email and internet services come to mind. Ever thought about these terms, - Fax, eFax and Email? Are they the similar technology, or atleast do they work similarly or the least do they carry out the same functionality?




Fax is the traditional way of sending messages, using the typical fax machine. The machine sends the document in the form of audio signals via binary signals using old telephone lines. The other receiving end prints the black spaces and leaves the white and prints the document. With the internet being the base of communication these days, there are many companies shunning away this device. There are few companies who still respect this masterpiece of invention and use them. Just a small problem of security over different carrier services havemade them change from fax machines to other modes of communication transmission.




it is the internet fax service. This allows you to send and receive faxes using the internet. You are bound to be benefitted both ways, by using this service. You don’t need extra machine and money to invest in them. The best part is you utilise the internet service, which you pay anyways.




Well, email is the communication via theinternet using a combination of networks. This is widely used today to send many documents to many people. Without a single thought, all of us use this, not noticing its underneath problems or much better ways of using them.


Why is Fax still on the move?


Read the reason below to know answers to your queries of fax existence.


Fax has got that Credibility:


The Internet is one of the most widely used modes of communication these days, and also it is the most unsafe way too when you look deep down the list of cyber crimes. You find a new way of doing something, people are smart enough to find a way to hack them. For the same reason, many businesses still rely on Fax service, while it has the least number of crimes reported. People find it safer for transmitting documents.


Increased efficiency:


Fax service was started with the intention of improving the business. Same applies to many other technologies too. if there is a technology designed for office use, it surely meets its purpose and fax service is no exception. Though the overhead work required to use fax machines like walking around time to send or receive a fax, waiting for pages to load and print, but with the technology modifying the way it's carried out- providing safer ways and faster too, it is surely one of the preferred ways of communication in business.


Safety concerns:


Many organisations still resort to this method, mainly because theinternetisn't ‘always’ safe. When it’s a personal data, security comes first and theinternetcan'tguarantee you always. Using fax, one gets a notification that the recipient got the message while using email or e-fax doesn’t have this. They can be erased in just a touch of a button, and the whole thing is lost. So to be on safer lines, fax is the most recommended way. With digital signatures and more technological improvements fax still stand out better, but that doesn’t guarantee the time limits. Anytime your account can be hacked and your private and secure information can be in the hands of unsafe people, risking your life just for a few documents.